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100's of custom heads. There are alot of heads i posted on the page 'updates' that aren't here because its laggy for me. so be sure to check there also.
Male Heads - Graal Era custom site. DONATIONS APPRECIATED AT (PayPal): [email protected] Click Here to Upload. 1) A LastCommandment Original. 3) A basic head. 5) A scary head with GLOW EFFECTS. 7) A scary and badass head. 9) A badass head. 11) The template for my custom head, that I personally enjoy quite a bit.
gif agony-shield Male Female Other Preview your custom character by mixing Bodies, Heads , Shields & Hats to see what they will look like: Graal Character Viewer (All-in-one Drag and Drop viewer to test out heads and bodies hats and shields before you upload them to the game - works for PC and iOS) com with top-selling 1 brands Say (without.